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        1. about us

          Professional manufacturer of aromatic ketone products

          Sino-High (China) Co., Ltd.
          sinohighchem Founded in 2008

          The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of aromatic ketone products, including special engineering plastic core raw materials, photoinitiator and cosmetics raw materials.

          Sino-High  ?  About Us

              Sino-High(China)Co.,LTD is a professional manufacture of aromatic ketone products based on Friedel-Crafts reaction.The company was listed in China stock market in 2021. As an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificated enterprise, Sino-High have two modern production bases which are located in a Stated-Level Chemical Industrial Park---Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park.    

              Sino-High mainly produce three kinds of products: Acetophenone derivatives, Benzophenone derivatives and other aromatic ketones. The total capacity is 13,000mt/Year. All of these products are widely used as Pharma&Agrochem Intermediate,Photo Initiator, Plastic Monomer and Cosmetic raw material. Sino-High have established very good and stable relationship with many reputable multinational firms.Presently around 50% of our turnover is from international market, such as EU,USA, Asia pacific and so on.

              Based on advanced technology and sustainable innovation, Sino-High are growing in to top-scaled Friedel-Crafts reaction base in the world.

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